Mr. Bubbles

    Adopted 11/16/2017
    Type Dog
    Breed Terrier
    Sex Male
    Color White, Grey
    Age 4 years
    Weight 10.6 lbs
    Code # 210543

    Well hello there! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Mr. Bubbles and it’s so very nice to meet you! You may have heard that I traveled quite a distance to arrive here at the Oregon Humane Society; that’s the truth, but the long drive was worth it! I have the chance to find my forever home, and I can’t wait! I’m looking for someone who will play with me, take me on walks and adventures, maybe take me to a Basic Manners class, and most importantly, love me as much as I love them. What do you say you have a visit with me and see if we’re suited for each other? I hope you’ll forgive me if I jump up on you; I’m just so pleased to meet people I sometimes forget my manners. Mr. Bubbles came to us through the second chance program from Fresno humane society.

    The adoption fee includes spay/neuter, microchip ID, collar and OHS I.D. tag, initial vaccines, courtesy veterinarian exam, 30 days free PetPlan health insurance for Oregon Residents and plenty of post adoption support!