Lil' Sophie

Adopted 07/19/2017
Type Cat
Breed Siamese
Sex Female
Color Seal Point
Age 8 years and 2 months
Weight 10.7 lbs
Code # 202631

Watch their video! Lil’ Sophie is a shy kitty and her wish is to have a quiet home with a warm spot to curl up in. She’s having a tough time adjusting to the recent changes in her life, but her best pal Big Charlie (202631) is helping her through it. These two are quite the pair, and watching them interact will warm your heart. Lil’ Sophie is sensitive to loud noises, sudden movements, and change. When Big Charlie is by her side she is confident enough to walk around and explore while coming back to thank him with a headbutt. Lil’ Sophie will adjust best in a tranquil home with much older, cat-savvy children. She’s excited about what awaits her in her new home; window perches, eating treats, and getting to know her new friends. Lil’ Sophie would love to find out if you’re the special someone she’s been waiting for! A behavior consult will be provided to ensure she does well in her new home.

The adoption fee includes spay/neuter, microchip ID, collar and OHS I.D. tag, initial vaccines, courtesy veterinarian exam, 30 days free PetPlan health insurance for Oregon Residents and plenty of post adoption support!