Kitty Cam: Play With Cats and Kittens Online

Play With OHS Cats from Home

Play with shelter cats and kittens live from your computer or device with the OHS Kitty Cam! »

Our Kitty Cam allows you to see inside one of our cat and kitten playrooms at OHS. You can also move the toys to entice the kitties to play, and even take digital photos you can share online.

After you play with the kitties, view all available cats and kittens at OHS here, and come adopt the right pet for you!

OHS also has dogs, rabbits and other pets for adoption that you can see here.

Notice: the kitty cam live video feed and interactive toys have been provided by a company called iPetCompanion. OHS received notice in April that iPetCompanion will be shutting down. This means the OHS live kitty cam will be unavailable until further notice. Below, please find the notice OHS received from iPetCompanion regarding their closure.

Potential Sponsors: If your company is able to sponsor or even host (for free or to donate a portion of costs) a live video feed for the shelter, please feel free to contact OHS:
Jane Morrison
Corporate Relations Manager
(503) 416-7084

Notice: iPetCompanion will be shutting down

When we started iPetCompanion over six years ago we had a vision that would allow people to interact on the web with things they loved, and our technology made that possible in the world of animal welfare. Since the first iPetCompanion site went live in 2010 we’ve had over 12 million people across 226 countries and territories log-on and interact with animals in the participating shelters’ sanctuaries. Facilities staff have reported back increases of adoptions as much as 60%, increases in donations as much as 200%, and the technology has even been used in hospitals allowing children with severe illnesses to play with animals from their bedside.

In June of 2016 the ad network who manages ad spots on iPetCompanion is no longer providing that service and we have not been able to find a suitable replacement with a sufficient CPM payout to cover the server and bandwidth costs for the users/viewers of iPetCompanion. We have weighed several possible strategies and unfortunately, the only remaining option is to shut it down. At the end of April the URL for iPetCompanion will become inactive.

We hope the philanthropic spirit in animal welfare continues to grow and we are thankful we were able to be a small part of it. We are proud of what we built and hope you enjoyed using iPetCompanion over the years, and over the web. Please continue to spread the mission of generosity, gratitude, and appreciation.


Questions or Issues?

Please note that the Kitty Cam link will take you to the host iPetCompanion website, which is outside the OHS website and not maintained by OHS. If you experience any technical difficulties with the iPetCompanion site or the Kitty Cam, please visit their Frequently Asked Questions page here or contact their support. Thank you!