Oregon Humane Society
  Report neglect and abuse


If you observe any animal you believe is not receiving proper care, fill out our online animal cruelty complaint form or call (503) 285-7722, ext. 214 to leave a detailed message. This line is not answered live, but messages are checked daily.


Guidelines for reporting abuse:

  • OHS Humane Investigation Officers conduct investigations into allegations of abuse and neglect and are not generally available for emergency response. If an animal is in need of immediate assistance, please call your local animal control or police agency.
  • If the incident is occurring in a public area and/or the people involved in the incident appear to be mobile or transient, please call your local animal control or police agency.
  • The OHS Investigations Department generally responds to complaints in the greater Portland, Oregon area. To find an animal control or humane society in your area, search: ASPCA listings; Petfinder.
  • Complaints regarding barking dogs, animals at large, or animal bites should be reported to your local animal control agency.
  • To report that your pet has been stolen, contact your local police agency.
  • Please provide as many details as possible to provide our agents with the most accurate information. This will help us determine the urgency of a situation.
  • OHS accepts anonymous complaints, but please note that OHS does not disclose complainant information. Please consider providing a phone number or email address where you can be contacted if we need additional information in order to investigate your complaint; this information will not be shared.


We publish a legal reference to animal cruelty and related laws in the state of Oregon. Contact us to order this book or you can download a copy here.



Animal Cruelty Complaint Form


OHS investigates allegations of animal abuse and neglect. If you believe you’ve witnessed a crime involving animals, provide the following information as completely as possible to initiate an investigation. Due to the confidential nature of our investigations, you will not receive any information regarding the results of any investigation.


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Witness Information:

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    Backbone showing  
    Hip bones showing  
  Injured (Please select from the options below)
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    Over heated Collar Embedded Eye/Ear Infections
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  Where is the animal injured?
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    Rear Tail  



Describe the condition of the animals' environment:

Shelter: None Available, please describe:
Water: None Clean/fresh water Dirty  
Food: None Always available Spoiled Other
Sanitation: Feces Wet/muddy Trash Toxic Waste
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Other details about the animals' environment:


Suspect Information:

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