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OHS provides these resources to assist our fellow animal welfare organizations and shelters with the many issues that arise when organizing and operating an animal shelter or rescue.



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Disease Control

CDC: Healthy Pets, Healthy People

Zoonotic disease information


University of California at Davis

School of Veterinary Medicine


Tufts University

School of Veterinary Medicine



OHS Shelter Medicine Program


The Oregon Humane Society trains veterinarians in the field of shelter medicine through an internship and residency program. Our residents perform a variety of tasks, including shelter consultations, both on-site and off-site. Learn more here.


We also have a link to the video presentations from the 2011 Innovations in Education Conference here. Experts from across the country spoke on a variety of topics involving shelter medicine.




Campbell Pet Company

Pet care products


Petfinder.com: Animal Shelters & Rescues

An online resource library for shelters


Oregon Animal Cruelty Laws Handbook

A Legal Reference to Oregon Revised Statutes - 2011 download here.



Operating an Animal Shelter

Animal Sheltering Online

Comprehensive publication from HSUS for animal shelters. Visit their website


ASPCA Professional

A collection of resources for many aspects of running a shelter, from animal cruelty investigations to fundraising to community outreach and more. Visit their website


Humane Society University

Academic programs and professional development opportunities for those who work for the animals. Visit their website


How do you start an animal shelter?

Advice from OHS (PDF)


American Humane Association Professional

Resources for animal welfare professionals


Targeted Spay/Neuter Presentation

Madness_in_method (PDF)

Madness in the Method presented at HSUS conference in Spring 2011



Physical Shelter Building


Design Learned Inc.

Licensed engineers specializing in animal care facility design


Oregon Humane Society

OHS Shelter Building Project



Adoption and holding kennels



Second Chance Program


The OHS Second Chance program helps shelters throughout the region. Over 2,000 animals are accepted by OHS each year from other shelters throughout the West Coast.


Download the documents for more details:


Second Chance Program Overview (PDF)


Pet Profile for Second Chance Pets (PDF)


Second Chance Video Feature


Contact: (503) 416-5029; email



Volunteer Development


Energize Inc.

Resource library for volunteer managers and much more


Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Risk awareness and training for non-profit leaders


Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association

Volunteer management resources and training