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65th Annual Be Kind to Animals
Poster & Story Contest




Grand Prize Poster Winner:

Fiona Kim, Grade 12


Grand Prize Poster Runner Up:

Annie Bunch, Grade 11

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And the Winners Are...


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Grand Prize and Runner Up Winners


The Oregon Humane Society announced the top winners of the 65th annual Be Kind to Animals Poster and Story Contest during a special awards presentation, the “A’Cat’Emy Awards,” held April 13 at OHS. The ceremony highlighted the creative work of young Oregonians in grades 1-12 who used art and words to craft positive, humane messages for the future.

The Grand Prize in the poster category was awarded to Fiona Kim, a twelfth grader at Tigard High School. The poster runner up award went to Annie Bunch, an eleventh grade student at Pacific Crest Community School in Portland. Both students' work stood out for their thoughtful illustrations of the humane theme set for their respective grade levels.


Kaylan Mosser, an eighth grade student at Baker Middle School in Baker City, received the Grand Prize in the story category. The runner up was Rachael Gowen, an eleventh grade student at St. Mary's Academy in Portland.




Thank You for a Successful 65th Year!


The latest edition of the poster and story contest was a great success, thanks to all students, teachers, parents, volunteer judges, and more. Here are some of the significant numbers:


  • 2,478 total entries received
  • 77 judges gave 2-6 hours each, reviewing students' art and writing
  • 258 teachers in 200 Oregon schools brought the idea of Being Kind to Animals into their classrooms
  • 13 home school educators supported the contest as well



Complete List of Winners


Student Name Place Grade
Lily Wang First Place  1st grade
Aidan Gao Second Place  1st grade
Sylvie King Third Place  1st grade
Cecilia Gonenne Honorable Mention 1st grade
Emily Song First Place  2nd grade
Stella Wang Second Place  2nd grade
Naina Hegde Third Place  2nd grade
Ben Andrews Honorable Mention 2nd grade
Vivian Tan First Place  3rd grade
Amy Kang Second Place  3rd grade
Sarah Lee Third Place  3rd grade
Nividh Singh Honorable Mention 3rd grade
Geo Kim First Place  4th grade
Rida Kauser Second Place  4th grade
Emma Gingrich Third Place  4th grade
Caleb Andrews Honorable Mention 4th grade
Michael Hui First Place  5th grade
Amy Guo Second Place  5th grade
Ashley Kim Third Place  5th grade
Joshua Negreanu Honorable Mention 5th grade
Rachel Choi First Place  6th grade
Breanna Guo Second Place  6th grade
Jasmine Wang Third Place  6th grade
Dearbhla McCabe Honorable Mention 6th grade
Nina Timmen & Elizabeth Blodgett Honorable Mention 6th grade
Maya McDarragh First Place  7th grade
Courtney Chan Second Place  7th grade
Medha Prakash Third Place  7th grade
Grace Bowman Honorable Mention 7th grade
Wooyeon Kim First Place  8th grade
Selina Tang Second Place  8th grade
Hanna Lee Third Place  8th grade
Xiao Guan Honorable Mention 8th grade
Sophia Cheon First Place  9th grade
Arden Smith Second Place  9th grade
Nicholas Livas Third Place  9th grade
Stephanie Najera Honorable Mention 9th grade
Sabrina Park First Place  10th grade
Ava Krueger Second Place  10th grade
Sie Lor Third Place  10th grade
Stephanie Rutledge Honorable Mention 10th grade

Annie Bunch

Grand Prize Poster Runner Up

First Place  11th grade
Michelle Lo Second Place  11th grade
Ahnna Kim Third Place  11th grade
Wan Lee Honorable Mention 11th grade

Fiona Kim

Grand Prize Poster Winner

First Place  12th grade
Tess Newberry Second Place  12th grade
Jenna Miller Third Place  12th grade
Ellie Scheu Honorable Mention 12th grade
2014 Story Winners

Click Any Name to Read

the Story

Grades 1-2
Cecilia Gonenne First Place  1st grade
Ben Andrews Second Place  2nd grade
Evie Miller Third Place  2nd grade
Emma Gregg Honorable Mention 1st grade
Nicholas Braun Honorable Mention 2nd grade
Grades 3-4
Sedona Peterson First Place  4th grade
Maxeem Ziemin Second Place  4th grade
Kendall Overstreet Third Place  3rd grade
Harmony Scarpine Honorable Mention 4th grade
Grades 5-6
Madeleine Beaupre First Place  6th grade
Avery Kyle Second Place  5th grade
Rachel Dewees Third Place  5th grade
Ruby Leib Honorable Mention 5th grade
Grades 7-8

Kaylan Mosser

Grand Prize Story Winner

First Place  8th grade
Jordan Kingsley Second Place  7th grade
Bella Garcia Third Place  7th grade
Ryker Bullis Honorable Mention 8th grade
Brianna Fournier Honorable Mention 7th grade
Grades 9-10
Minnie Kang First Place  9th grade
Sarah Kwartler Second Place  9th grade
Erik Holte Third Place  9th grade
Sophie Samiee Honorable Mention 9th grade
Grades 11-12

Rachael Gowen

Grand Prize Story Runner Up

First Place  11th grade
Nai Lee Second Place  12th grade
Good Neighbor Award Poster - See Slideshow at Top
Lauren Amato 2nd grade





  • Grand Prize: Tablet

  • Runner Up: E-reader

  • 1st Place: $100 Gift Card

  • 2nd Place: $75 Gift Card

  • 3rd Place: $50 Gift Card

  • Honorable Mention: $25 Gift Card

All winners will also receive a special award certificate, ribbon of honor and an invitation to the A’Cat’Emy Awards celebration.


A Note to Teachers


This is an exciting opportunity to:


  • Promote humane treatment and appreciation for animals
  • Connect young people to a community outside of the classroom
  • Align with Oregon Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for the Arts & Language Arts
  • Enrich character education curriculum

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For More Information


Contact the OHS Education office at (503) 416-5034 to learn more.