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OHSTAR Helps Animals in Distress

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OHSTAR team practices winter wilderness rescue.  
This injured dog was evacuated from the Mt. Hood wilderness.  
Volunteer rappels off Carver Bridge to rescue stranded cat.  

Contact the OHS Technical Animal Rescue Team (OHSTAR) when your pet is trapped or stranded and needs help to survive. Trained OHSTAR volunteers perform these types of rescues:


  • Evacuating injured pets from wilderness areas.
  • Retrieving pets stranded on cliff sides, river banks, and other areas and structures that can only be accessed safely using ropes, climbing equipment and other technical rescue equipment.
  • Extricating animals trapped in enclosed spaces whose lives are in danger.




Monday-Friday, daytime hours:
(503) 416-2993


Evenings and weekends:
(503) 849-5655


In cases of emergency, please call your local police department.


Is Your Cat Up a Tree?


If you see a cat that seems to be stranded in a tree, please follow the steps in our Cat In Tree Information Sheet (PDF) before calling for assistance.


What OHSTAR Does


OHSTAR members with animal first-aid and rescue training are available to respond to animal rescue situations that require technical skills in the Portland metropolitan area and adjoining counties. For animal emergencies needing cliff rescue, water rescue, and other urgent situations, OHSTAR responds directly to the incident site.


OHSTAR members also assist law-enforcement agencies with the safe capture, containment, and transport of distressed animals found in hazardous conditions, including hoarding situations. OHSTAR volunteers are trained to assist during natural and man-made disasters, and have been called upon to assist in large-scale national emergency operations such as Hurricane Katrina and the tornado tragedy in Joplin, Mo.

OHSTAR In Action: Video





OHSTAR Needs Your Support


OHSTAR is comprised entirely of volunteers, and relies entirely on donations to fund all their rescue activities. Your online donation today to OHS will help OHSTAR and the many other rescue activities supported by OHS.


OHSTAR also accepts donations of rescue equipment, such as technical climbing gear. See the OHS Wish List for items that are currently needed.



Interested in Joining OHSTAR?

All members serve on a voluntary basis and are required to complete the Oregon Humane Society's Volunteer Training and Orientation. Although it is highly desirable that members have technical rescue training prior to joining OHSTAR, this is not required: OHSTAR will provide training as needed. Watch this page for notification of volunteer positions that need to be filled. We accept applications only in response to postings of open positions on the team.