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OHS Admissions


Call (503) 285-7722, ext. 211. We will listen, provide you with tips and options, and if relinquishment seems the best option, schedule an admission appointment. After talking to you, examining your pet, and testing your pet's temperament, we may be able to assist you by matching the animal's personality with a deserving and responsible next home.


To help us understand your pet, please take some time to thoughtfully complete the appropriate questionnaire (below), and then call for an appointment. After grooming your pet, bring him/her with you to the appointment, along with recent veterinary records. The requested fee to OHS for leaving your pet with us is $45 to $100.


1. Print the appropriate questionnaire.


2. Call for appointment: (503) 285-7722, ext. 211.


Good First Impression

To help your pet attract the attention of an adoptive parent, we suggest you groom your animal before bringing it to us. Here are some other tips toward successful adoption:



The most desirable dogs are:

  • bathed, free of parasites, and have trimmed nails
  • spayed or neutered
  • current on all vaccinations, with veterinary records
  • socialized with humans and other animals; friendly and easily controlled



The most desirable cats are:

  • well brushed (especially long hairs), free of parasites, and have trimmed nails
  • spayed or neutered
  • current on all vaccinations, with veterinary records
  • tested for feline leukemia and have the veterinary record
  • social and easily handled
  • at least 8 weeks old

OHS does not place any time limits on an animal's stay. A dog or cat may stay up for adoption until a new home is found - even if it takes days, weeks, or months.


Pets Not Eligible for Adoption


  • Animals with a history of biting humans, or have been attack-trained
  • A pet showing very aggressive or unsociable behavior during the administration of a nationally accredited temperament test
  • Veterinary examination determines that the animal is physically unsuitable for adoption

Please phone us before bringing these animals in for surrender.


Surrender Fees


OHS charges a fee for surrendering an animal to us for adoption. We understand that not all individuals may have the monetary capacity to provide the required surrender fees and in these circumstances we offer a sliding scale to allow all animals/individuals the services we offer.


  • Kittens & Puppies: There is no minimum surrender fee, although donations are greatly appreciated (kittens and puppies are defined as being 6 months or younger)
  • Dogs: $50 for the first surrendered dog and $10 for each additional dog.
  • Cats: $45 for the first surrendered cat and $10 for each additional cat.
  • Small Animals (domestic rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, small birds): $15 for the first small animal surrendered and $5 for each additional small animal.

These fees are on a sliding scale and inability to pay the fee does not affect our admission of any pet or our commitment to finding a lifelong home for that pet.


For any questions, comments or concerns regarding our fees, please contact us at: (503)285-7722, ext. 211


Why We Ask for a Surrender Fee


We ask for a surrender fee because we want to ensure a safe, humane haven for animals that have no other place to go.

  • $450 is the average cost to care for each dog, cat, puppy or kitten in our shelter during their stay. This includes vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, flea/tick control, food and boarding, medical care, etc.
  • Adoption fees do not offset the cost of care and are only 12% of our revenue each year.
  • We rely on donations and fees to care for approximately 14,000 animals each year.
  • We place no time limit on the animal’s length of stay on the shelter and these fees help with the rehoming cost of our longer residents.
  • We do not receive any government funding or tax revenue.
  • We a private, non-profit charity organization that meets a specialized need in our community.


If You Change Your Mind

Please call the Oregon Humane Society (503) 285-7722, ext. 211, to discuss options that may be available to reclaim your pet. Note, however, that no animal is released from the Oregon Humane Society shelter without being spayed or neutered. So, you must also pay for this service if it is necessary.