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Do you have a finicky feline or a problem pooch? Sometimes the right training aid can make all the difference. Here's where to shop for training products:


Best Friend's Corner

Located in the OHS shelter, Best Friend's Corner and it's sister store, Sit, Stay, Good Dog, offer the latest pet training products at a competitive price and a knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions. Best of all, 100% of sale proceeds go to the animals at OHS.  You will find a great selection of cat and dog food, cat and dog treats, pet toys, harnesses, gentle leaders, grooming supplies, and many other hard-to-find, high-quality pet products.


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Dogwise, the online store, offers a variety of training books that can help you with your pet. Select a link below to learn more and purchase titles online through Dogwise (a portion of your purchase price goes to help animals at OHS).  We also sell these booklets at our retails stores at the Oregon Humane Society.


The following books are highly-recommended by the OHS training and behavior team.  For many dog behavior issues, the solutions can be found in these easy-to-read, short and inexpensive booklets:


Cautious Canine

by Patricia McConnell
How to help dogs conquer their fears with desensitization and counter conditioning. Step by step method can be used for any problem behavior that is motivated by fear.


Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash Aggressive Dog,
by Patricia McConnell & Karen London

Get the ability to leash-walk your dog around others, whether it's down the sidewalk or at the vet clinic.


How to be the Leader of the Pack and Have your Dog Love You For It!,
by Patricia McConnell

Learn how to love your dogs without spoiling them and provide boundaries without intimidation.


I’ll Be Home Soon!¬†How To Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety,
by Patricia McConnell
Help for those whose dog suffers badly from Separation Anxiety, help in preventing it from developing, and tips on how to raise a dog with good "house manners."


On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

by Turid Rugaas
Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas is a noted expert on canine body language, notably “calming signals” which are signals dogs give other dogs and humans that denote stress. These are dogs’ attempt to defuse situations that otherwise might result in fights or aggression.


The Other End of the Leash

by Patricia McConnell

When humans communicate with dogs, a lot can get lost in the translation. Focusing on human behavior, Dr. McConnell teaches readers how to retrain themselves to speak consistently in a language dogs understand and avoid sending conflicting and confusing messages.


Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age 
by Karen London & Patricia McConnell

How to housetrain a dog of any age! This clear, concise booklet can help your puppy or adult dog learn a lifetime of good habits.