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Shy Dog Workshop:
Help for your Introverted Dog


Not everyone's dog is the life of the party. In fact, some pups don't even want to go near

the party! If that sounds familiar, then this workshop is for you.


Introverted dog owners are frequently surprised to learn that their actions can actually make things worse for their timid companion pet. Who knew? This situation can create owner frustration and greater misunderstanding of the pet's behavior. As a result, both owner and pet add stress and tension to the relationship.


In this workshop, we'll look at the following topics:

  • A better understanding of why your dog is scared.
  • Why it might not be a phase.
  • Owner escalation of fears.
  • Tips and tricks to help your pup feel and act more confident.


This workshop is for people only, please leave your pets at home.



When & Where


Check back later for information about our next workshop.


Manners Hall

Oregon Humane Society

1067 NE Columbia Blvd

Portland, OR 97211





Please bring a donation that you can afford in the form of check or cash so that we can continue to help our community with classes like this. Suggested donation: $15.



To Register


No need to RSVP but please arrive on time. This class is for people only. Please leave your pets at home. Thank you!



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