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Dogs and Pickup Trucks


Carrying dogs in open pickup beds poses a threat to both the animal and other motorists.


Dogs riding in the back of pickup trucks may look like they're having fun. With nose testing the wind and ears flopping, the dogs seem to enjoy the trip. And they get to go with their master, after all. Whether the dog enjoys the ride or not, she is in great danger riding in an open truck bed. If you hit a bump, swerve to avoid an obstacle, or brake suddenly, your dog could easily fly out of the truck. If the fall doesn't injure or kill the dog, it is likely that another car will. And in an attempt to avoid hitting the fallen dog, another driver may cause ensuing accidents.


Tying the dog to the truck bed is dangerous. Ropes and leashes become nooses if the dog should be jolted out of the truck.

Wind is a painful hazard. Wind whipping through the dog's ears is full of dirt, debris, and gravel that can lodge in the eyes, nose, or ears and cause serious damage.


The Law in Oregon

Oregon Revised Statute 811.200 prohibits carrying a dog on an external part of a vehicle unless the dog is protected by framework, carrier, or other devise to keep the dog from falling from the vehicle. This offense is considered a Class D traffic violation.



Take your dog along for the ride, but let her ride secured in the front with you. She will enjoy the trip a lot more if she doesn't have to fight for her life against gravity, momentum, and traffic to get there. Use a humane tether, a secured crate, or place a canopy over the bed.