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The Holidays and Your Pets


Make the holidays fun for you and your pets this year! 


Come to our Holidays & Your Pets Workshop and learn all about:


  • how to recognize signs of stress in your pet
  • common pet owner pitfalls to avoid during the holidays
  • fun gift and activity ideas for pet lovers
  • holiday and winter pet hazards of which you need to be aware


We’ll also be giving out fun prizes for any great suggestions you might have to share with the group about how you manage to enjoy the holidays when your pets, your family, loud fireworks, decorations, Christmas trees, and winter weather try to get in your way!


People only, please leave pets at home. 




Caroline Spark

Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator


When and Where


Saturday, December 19th

4:00 - 5:30 pm

Manners Hall (West Building)

Animal Medical and Learning Center

Oregon Humane Society




Please bring a donation that you can afford in the form of check or cash so that we can continue to help our community with classes like this.   Not sure what to give?  Your donation of $15 is appreciated! 


To Register


Please rsvp to Sue Lay or call 503.285.7722 x.225.


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