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OHS Training & Behavior Classes


OHS offers a variety of training classes for the public. Dogs from area shelters get a $15 discount on most classes.


OHS Free Behavior Help Line

(503) 416-2983
Providing answers to your questions. All pet owners welcome to call.


OHS Pet Care and Advice

Pet Care & Advice - OHS

Free articles to help you better understand pet care, health, and behavior.


Association of Professional Dog Trainers


Find a trainer in your area who is certified in positive and humane training methods.  Look for trainers with the 'CPDT' qualification.  (Certified Professional Dog Trainers)






DogWise - online bookstore


Find training and behavior resources.


Master's Flower Essences


Unique remedy helps solve animal behavior issues including temperament, shyness, and obsessive compulsive disorder.


Portland Pooch.com


Locate pet sitters, dog walkers, dog daycares, pet-friendly rental information and other services in Portland.


TTouch- Tellington Touch


Tellington Touch Training: find local practitioners and information about T Touch. This method is used worldwide to help with common health/behavior problems in pets.