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OHS Rescuers Help Dog Stranded Along Sandy River



JD is reunited with his family after being brought up to safety  
OHSTAR members hiking in to the remote location  
Reuniting and staying warm as the rescue wraps up  

June 6, 2013: An OHS rescue team composed of dedicated volunteers rappelled down the banks of the Sandy River last night to save a stranded six-year-old black Labrador retriever.


As darkness fell, the dog, JD, was hoisted up to safe ground and reunited with his family. The dog was tired and nervous after the five hour ordeal, but otherwise in good health.


OHSTAR Answers Call to Help Stranded Dog


The OHS Technical Animal Rescue Team (OHSTAR) responded to the call for assistance from the Clackamas County Sheriff at approximately 5:30 pm. JD had been on the river with his owners when he was swept away by the current below the site of the old Marmot Dam. The dog found refuge on the steep shore and then scrambled up to an otherwise-inaccessible rocky shelf about 20 feet above the water.


OHSTAR members hiked 30 minutes to get within sight of where JD was last seen. Team member Jennifer Stangel then rappelled down approximately 50 feet to the rocky shelf. After locating the shy dog, she used cheese treats to gain his confidence. Stangel was able to fit JD with a safety harness and rope. Her fellow OHSTAR members then raised JD to safety as darkness fell.


OHSTAR members train throughout the year to help animals who are stranded and need human help to survive. They have rescued pets stranded on cliffsides, riverbanks, and other areas and structures that can only be accessed safely using ropes, climbing equipment and other technical rescue equipment. This work is supported entirely by donations to OHS.


Happy Endings Supported by You


All costs for rescuing animals in distress is paid for through private donations to OHS. Your online donation today to OHS will help OHSTAR and the many other rescue activities supported by OHS.

OHSTAR also accepts donations of rescue equipment, such as technical climbing gear. See the OHS Wish List.