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Puppy Stolen from OHS Shelter is Found;
Reunited with Family on Christmas Day (video below)



John, seen here after being returned to OHS, thanks to Gresham Police.  
The Belzer daughters with John at OHS. Left to right: Madison, Lauren, Perri.  

The Belzers with John on Christmas day. Left to right: Madison, Lauren, Perri, Mike, Kathy.



Dec. 25, 2012: It was a Christmas Day reunion for a stolen three-month old puppy and the family who adopted him just days ago.


The puppy was stolen on Dec. 22 from a kennel inside the Oregon Humane Society. He was moments away from going home with the Belzer family of Camas, Wash., who had just completed the adoption paperwork.


"Yes Oregon, there is a Santa Claus," said OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon. "This little pup was rescued on Christmas Eve and is back in the arms of his loving family today."


Thanks to massive media coverage of the theft, an anonymous tip was received on Christmas Eve that alerted police to the puppy's whereabouts. Police officers, accompanied by OHS employees, recovered the puppy from a household in Gresham. Although no arrests were made last night, Gresham Police are investigating the case.


The five-member Belzer family arrived at the shelter today to reunite with John. One of the family's three daughters had first seen John's picture on the OHS website. After many hours of looking at pets on Dec. 22nd, the family all agreed to adopt John (he was one of four puppies in a litter; all were named after a member of the Beatles).


"It was heartbreaking to have this pet stolen when it was literally on the verge of going home. We are so delighted that there was a happy ending to this story."


Meanwhile, OHS has determined how the theft occurred and has invested in additional security measures to prevent a repeat of the incident.



KATU News Video of Reunion





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