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Justice for Abused Animals: Cases Include
Washington Shar-peis; Beaverton Pit Bulls


Shar-peis at breeder's site.  

Sammy, one of the dogs rescued from Beaverton who found a new home through OHS.



April 19, 2013: Animal offenders in two major cases investigated by the Oregon Humane Society -- one involving more than 40 shar-peis in Washington -- were convicted this week of animal cruelty.

OHS rescued 41 shar-peis, nearly all of them in need of medical treatment, last May from Goldendale, WA resident Eric Calvin (story here). As a result of the evidence presented by OHS to the Klickitat County Prosecutor, Calvin was charged with nine counts of animal cruelty.


Calvin pled guilty April 15 to one felony count of animal cruelty and was sentenced to five years of probation and must pay $2,378 in fines and fees. Under the agreement, he must not possess any dogs other than the two altered shar-peis.


The dogs, suffering from eye, skin and ear infections, among other ailments, required extensive medical treatment at OHS. With the help of local adopters and shar-pei rescue groups across the region, the final rescued shar-pei was placed in an adopted home on Oct. 24, approximately six months after the rescue took place.


Guilty Verdict in Beaverton


In an unrelated case, a Beaverton man was found guilty this week of animal abuse in a case jointly invested by OHS and Beaverton Police. Officers responded Aug. 22 to reports from neighbors of pit bulls being assaulted with a shovel and a hammer in the yard of a Beaverton residence (story here). Beaverton police arrested the four residents of the home on the 11000 block of SW 11th St.


Officers removed ten pit bulls from the home, six of which went to OHS for medical exams. The six dogs were subsequently surrendered to OHS, and all were later adopted. OHS Veterinarian Dr. Kris Otteman, along with two OHS investigators, testified in the trial of Carl Leroy Crosswhite Jr., who was found guilty April 18 of five counts of animal abuse in the second degree. Crosswhite’s sentencing is scheduled for next week.


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