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Holiday Wish:
Jenna and 248 Other Pets Want a Home for the Holidays

Jenna, a Home for the Holidays dog at OHS  

Jenna, a Home for the Holidays dog. Learn more about Jenna here.


Red Infinity, a Home for the Holidays cat at OHS  
Red Infinity, a cat seeking his Home for the Holidays. Learn more about him here.



Nov. 28, 2012: The Oregon Humane Society is asking Oregonians to open their hearts to 249 special shelter animals who are looking for a Home for the Holidays. 


And to help make the decision easier, OHS is offering special prices on pets available for adoption. Adult cats over six months old and all rabbits will be priced at just $12. All kittens, as well as dogs over one year old, will be just $50. The discounts run through Dec. 31, 2012 and are the lowest adoption fees of the year.


One of those pets, Jenna, (pictured at left) is a Great Eight dog awaiting her forever home. Likewise, Red Infinity, (below left) is a Nine Lives cat who's also hoping for a Home for the Holidays.


"No one wants to spend the holidays away from friends and family, and that includes the pets at our shelter," said OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon.


Every animal at the shelter as of December 1st is considered a Home for the Holidays pet, and OHS wants to place each of these animals in a new home by December 31, 2012.


If you don't have room in your home for a pet, please consider making an online donation to help care for our shelter animals.


While most OHS animals are adopted in a week or two, many of the Home for the Holidays animals have been at the shelter for several months. It's time for these pets to go home!


Starting Dec. 1st, the OHS lobby will showcase photos of all animals who were available for adoption on Dec. 1, including cats, dogs, and small animals.


OHS Animal Giving Tree


The OHS Animal Giving Tree will be decorated in our lobby as well. Special ornaments will list an item needed by the shelter. Members of the public are welcome to choose an ornament and its suggested gift, and these gifts will be placed under the Animal Giving Tree as they are received. Interested in donating a gift, but not able to come to the shelter in person? See our Wish List online for needed gifts and how these items can be donated.



Thanks to Our Sponsors


The 2012 Home for the Holidays adoption campaign is made possible thanks to the support of Paul Schatz Furniture, Beaverton Toyota, and Wentworth Subaru.


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