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Dogs from Canby Breeder Available March 24



Golden retriever rescued from Canby breeder with OHS staffer Jenny Kettner.



Rescued coton de Tulear. Adults have an average weight of 11 - 15 pounds.


MARCH 25 UPDATE: We are happy to report that all dogs from the Canby breeder offered for adoption on March 24 have been adopted.


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Sixteen dogs seized from a breeder in Canby will be available for adoption at the Oregon Humane Society on Thursday, March 24. The dogs include two very popular breeds: coton de Tulears, which are petite white dogs, and golden retrievers.


The previous owner of the dogs, a breeder in Canby, was cited by OHS for animal neglect and for violating Oregon’s new law cracking down on puppy mills. The dogs were 20% to 50% underweight when seized by OHS under a search warrant issued by a Clackamas County judge.


What to Expect When Adopting


The dogs available for adoption are eager for new homes. Adopters are cautioned, however, that the dogs are not house trained. The dogs have been raised inside a breeding facility and have not had prior experiences with strangers, children, dog parks, the sights and sounds of traffic, or riding in a car.


Read our fact sheet about adopting these dogs (PDF).


Adoption Includes Many Extras


All of the pets offered for adoption have recovered some of their lost weight but will need ongoing health care and nutritional support. They have also been successfully treated for a variety of parasites.


Each dog, in addition to being spayed or neutered, comes with initial vaccinations, a free medical exam, a free month of health insurance, and other extras. The ten golden retrievers available for adoption are all adults, ranging from three to nine years of age. The six coton de Tulears are four months to eight years old.


Check OHS Website Wed. Evening


Additional information about each dog, including a photo, will be posted on the OHS website beginning 7 pm Wednesday, March 23.


OHS will take several steps on March 24 to accommodate the expected widespread interest in these pets. A waiting room will open at 9:00 am (an hour in advance of the shelter’s normal opening time) and interested adopters will be assigned a lot number. To reduce stress on the dogs, interested adopters will be escorted to the kennels in groups of six people to meet with the dogs starting at 10 am. Phone holds will not be allowed on the Canby dogs (although holds will be allowed to arrange pet meets after a potential adopter has met with a dog).


More Dogs Available in the Future


Although all the dogs removed from the Canby facility are recovering well, eight are still receiving medical care are not yet ready to be adopted. Another eight are puppies who should be available in two to three weeks.


Help Fight Animal Neglect


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