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Find Love at Any Age


Every Tuesday at OHS: adoption specials for people age 60 and up



Every Tuesday OHS offers an adoption special for people age 60 and up. A select group of approximately 20 pets (cats and dogs) will be available for adoption to seniors at no charge every Tuesday.


OHS recognizes that a pet can not only make you feel young at heart, but pets may help keep you healthy. Researchers have documented that living with pets is associated with lower blood pressure and less anxiety.


OHS will select the 20 pets each week by looking at personality traits that will be a good fit for a mature household. If a perfect match cannot be found among the 20 free pets, all other pets at the shelter will be $50 off the listed adoption fee (only for individuals 60 years of age or older). This special cannot be combined with other offers.



Two for One Cats and Kittens


Adopt two cats or kittens for the adoption fee of one at OHS



Adopt any adult cat or kitten and take home a second cat or kitten FREE! Please consider adopting a pair of felines. Special cannot be combined with other offers.


A Few Reasons Why Two Cats Are Better Than One


Double the fun, half the trouble! Kittens (and many adult cats) enjoy having a playmate. To save your plants from being chewed or your couch from being shredded, adopt a pair of kittens and they'll keep each other entertained and out of trouble.


Buddy up and burn calories. One of the biggest health concerns for pet cats is weight. Obesity can cause many issues and diseases. Cats love to sleep their days away, but with a friend around, they'll spend more time chasing each other, playing together and being more active. They'll get more exercise and be less likely to gain unnecessary pounds.


You get to save two lives. Perhaps the most rewarding reason for adopting two cats instead of one is knowing that you've given the gift of life, love and happiness to not just one but TWO cute cats. Adopt a pair and be a hero to two new friends.