Tribute Gifts

Each tribute gift in memory or honor of a pet or loved one—or to celebrate the holidays—helps OHS achieve our mission of saving thousands of animal lives every year.

OHS Tribute Gifts for Any Occasion

Our tribute cards come in a wide selection suitable for any occasion—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other milestones in our lives. These heart-warming cards are sent directly from OHS to your loved one, and can include your personalized message. The card will acknowledge the gift made to OHS on behalf of the person receiving the card. What better gift is there for an animal lover?

  • Remember a loved one or a cherished pet
  • Give the perfect gift to someone who has “everything”
  • Honor your mom on Mother’s Day or your dad on Father’s Day
  • Warm your sweetie’s heart on Valentine’s Day
  • Celebrate any special occasion – birthday, wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, etc.

Send cards via mail or email:

You can choose your favorite card design when you make your gift.