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World Record: Most Costumed Dogs at a Single Location

Fun-loving Dashers are encouraged to attire their dog in costume and help OHS set a new Guinness World Record!

We’re looking for 1,500 costumed canines to make an appearance at Doggie Dash to set a Guinness World Record for the most costumed dogs at a single location.

That sounds like a lot of dogs until you consider that more than 3,000 dogs regularly attend Doggie Dash. If just half of those come in costume, the record will be owned by Portland, not St. Louis (which set it in 2012 at their Beggin’ Pet Parade with 1,326 costumed pets).

Can't Think of a Costume? Be a Hero!

  No-sew canine cape on Spoonful.com

For a canine superhero costume, try our downloadable costumes at left, or check out this no-sew cape online!

To go along with the Dash’s “Walk. Run. Be a Hero!” theme, we’ve included an assortment of downloadable superhero costume patterns (PDF) for your pet. Choose one to suit your pet's personality, from Enthusiastico to Super Sniffer and more. You can print them out on paper, cut to fit, or use the printout as a sewing template.

At right, find another option for an easy no-sew canine cape. You can make one to suit your dog's size and style!

We've also put together a whole Pinterest board of more costume ideas and patterns. Visit the board here and be inspired!

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Share Your Photos: #DoggieDash and #hero4pets

Share a photo of your pet getting ready for Doggie Dash with the tag #DoggieDash or #hero4pets and your post could be featured on our website social hub! You can use Twitter, Instagram, G+ or Vine to share a pic or even a short video. See the OHS social hub here - know any of these heroic pets?

Costume Requirements: Two Pieces

Costumes must include two pieces of attire to qualify for the world record. A superhero cape, by itself, does not qualify. A superhero bandana, by itself, does not qualify. But…a cape plus a bandana does qualify!

In addition to capes and bandanas, other costume elements could be sweaters, hats, socks, booties, headbands, sweat bands, tiaras, doggles (doggie goggles) and more. Remember, two pieces are mandatory to break the world record.

Costume Safety

Be considerate of your dog and never force Fido to wear something he is not comfortable with. You should have your dog “test drive” the costume several times in advance of the Dash, preferably starting two weeks out.

Make sure your dog’s vision is unobstructed, his ears have their full range of motion, and his tail is free to wag normally. Please stay away from anything that covers your dog’s mouth or nose because it could make breathing/sniffing more difficult.

Things to watch out for:

  Super Brodie, at your service
  • Proper fitting (no rubbing or chafing)
  • Ingestible parts that could be harmful
  • Tripping hazards
  • Wires that can injure a pet if they come loose
  • Anything that can get into the eyes

And don’t risk overheating your dog. If it’s a warm day, dress you dog in costume only when it’s time to do the counting for the world record. Counting for the costume record will begin after the walk is over, so play it safe and dress Fido after you cross the finish line (there will be a “dog dressing” area). Then you can enjoy Dash festivities in full costume.

Your dog comes first. If in doubt, take the costume off!

Guinness World Record Checklist

  • Are you registered for the Dash? We can only count dogs accompanied by registered Dashers. Register here
  • Does your dog’s costume have two pieces (see above)?
  • Are you ready to be at the north end of the park between 10–10:30 am? All costumed dogs should proceed to the counting area, located near the finish line, as soon as they cross the finish line.