Oregon Humane Society
  The Great Eight


Who are the Great Eight? They are the eight dogs who have been residing at OHS the longest. Each of these dogs would love to go to a forever home or be sponsored by an admirer.


Our staff and volunteers know these dogs well and can share a wealth of information about them. Please consider adopting a Great Eight dog or sponsoring one.




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Belka - 149998
Female  9 Yr, 11 Mo
64.0625 lbs.

Date Available: 7/5/2014
Watch her video! Belka is a sweet older gal searching for her forever home. If you are ...

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Bentley - 158014
Male  8 Yr
59 lbs.

Date Available: 8/8/2014
Check out his video! Meet Bentley, he is a sweet older fella who can't wait to find his new ...

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Carter - 162498
Male  1 Yr, 6 Mo
64.3125 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
Settling into a new home and lifestyle takes time for a lot of dogs, and Carter will be no ...

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Daniel Card - 153852
Male  3 Yr
61.5 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
This is Daniel. He's quite the guy and so stinkin' handsome it's ridiculous, with that ...

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Derby - 163616
Male  4 Yr
56.125 lbs.

Date Available: 8/19/2014
Did you stop in your tracks as you saw Derby? He is a handsome fella isn't he? He is more ...

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Edie Elliot - 153868
Female  3 Yr
60.25 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
Edie is a little bit shy, a little bit nervous, but oh so ready to look ahead at the future ...

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Elliot Fletcher - 153866
Male  4 Yr
70.1875 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
Elliot has a sense of humor. Really, it's true - he likes to play and have fun, he'll ...

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Misha - 149999
Alaskan Malamute/Labrador
Male  9 Yr, 11 Mo
84.25 lbs.

Date Available: 7/5/2014
Watch his video! Misha is an easy going guy who enjoys the easy side of life. This older ...