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ADOPTED: 8/30/2013   Name: Moby The Great White Mouse  Code Number: 147234  
Type: Rodent     Breed: Mouse     
White     Color: White/Unknown
Gender: Male     Age:   2 Yr, 1 Mo    

Avast ye maties! Have ye heard tell of Moby the Great White Mouse? This legendary creature is known to burrow and hide. Some say he's a myth and others say he's nocturnal--only coming out at night--to do his scurrying and runnin' on his mighty wheel. Moby the Great White Mouse is a whale-sized rodent who would do well to walk a few planks, or at least get more exercise. He is shy, elusive even; with time to build his trust he may find safe harbor in your hand or pocket. Perhaps he may be a "look-see-only" kind of pet?

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